Thank You!!

Now that we have your information, the next step in getting your Natural Beaded Row Extensions is to set up a Complimentary Phone consultation.

We will be reaching out to you soon, by text. Please add our phone number to your contact list (801) 889-9394.

In the phone consultation, we will be confirming your hair history, making a plan, and setting up an appointment. If we book your appointment we will be collecting a non-refundable deposit of $500.


Depending on the length of hair that will be determined in our consultation, most first-time clients can expect to invest:
  • 18″ $1,500-$2,650
  • 22″ $2,200-$3,150
  • 24″ $2,300-$4,450
This investment covers the NBR technique, High-Quality Extension Hair, Seamless Color, Blending Haircut, and Styling.


For my returning NBR clients you can expect the following:
Re-tighten the NBR hair extensions every 6-8 weeks and expect to invest
  • 1 Row $175-$575
  • 2 Rows $275-$690
  • 3 Rows $360-$790
You can Expect to replace the Hair Extensions every 4-6 months with brand-new hair.
Some choose to refresh some of their hair sooner than later, with an additional investment of $130-$263 per weft.